Kickboxing is an intensive and overall physically demanding  workout. Here you will train in both  kickboxing and muay thai techniques. All parts of the body are used in training: legs, knees, arms, and elbows. Kickboxing is applicable for both self-defense and physical conditioning.  We training with a variety of types of training equipment such as punching bags, medicine balls,  weights, jump ropes, etc.  Kickboxing is suitable for everyone and the training is adjusted according to your skill level.


The advantages of our group training:


  • Frequent breaks depending on your cardio level

  • Practices are are suitable for all skill levels (Beginner-Advanced)

  • Girls-only training

  • The drills are as safe as dancing

  • Extremely beneficial for mental health


Our private training sessions are suitable for those who want to learn kickboxing and muay thai techniques and familiarize themselves with the ancient philosophy of the martial arts. Private training is also suitable for those who already have some skills and want to further build and polish their skills. An individual approach is optimal, because a personal trainer can provide full attention to the athlete. Our personal training is a quick and effective way to learn the martial arts. Depending on your goals, you can continue  either individually or in group sessions.  When training in a group, each athlete is assumed to have basic knowledge on the techniques, due to their being soleý one coach present. Whereas, during individual training, the coach can spend as much time required on specific techniques. As a result, it takes more time to learn each technique in group trainings, as opposed to personal training where the main focus is on you! 


Who is training who ?


  1. For busy people who have the desire to learn martail-arts, but there is no way to visit group trainings with a set schedule, You can create your own schedule for training.

  2. For people who feel comfortable in a private setting. 

  3. For those who want to achieve maximum results over a short  period of time.

  4. For those who want 100% attention from the coach. 

  5. For advanced fighters who want to improve their techniques. All techniques are scrutinized and improved. The coach and athlete can quickly find a common language, leading to the athlete accomplishing their goals to optimal results. 

personal training packages (small/medium/large)
  • 5-12 personal training sessions with coach

  • Strengthening mental and physical health

  • Continuos support and encouragement from the coach

  • Valuable advice and assistance from the coach

  • Improved awareness of personal health

  • Better results in a short period of time