commonly asked questions

How do you dress for practice?

Athletic clothing suitable for practice: shorts or leggings and a T-shirt are very suitable. Try to avoid wearing clothing with zippers and pockets. Before training be sure to remove all jewelry to avoid injuries. All hair should be pulled back (ex. ponytail or braids).

Do I have to buy sports equipment?


You do not have to. All you have to buy is boxing hand wraps . All other equipment is provided (boxing gloves, shin guards, and training pads). For details on how to wrap your hands  to protect your hands while boxing please read our blog post.


What is the minimum age to train?
You have to be at least 13 years old to attend practice.

I have never been involved with martial arts. Is this training suitable for me?
Of course it is! Our drills do not require preliminary training in martial arts. Come workout and see how you like it and decide for yourself. If you feel uncertain in the beginning, then feel free to ask questions. We will happily answer your questions.

I am not in good physical shape. Will I be able to handle the practice?
Yes you can! Our exercises do not require a great fitness level to begin. However, you should be prepared to improve your general physical level in the ensuing months. Everyone will train according to their abilities. If you have a chronic illness or injury, you should inform the trainer for your personal safety and well being.


Could I get injured while training?
Injuring your teammates is completely out of the question. No one can hurt each other. Here at this gym you are not more likely do get injured compared to any other sport. You are as likely to get injured as you would dancing. In martial arts there is great focus on building character, so we need to make sure that training safely is prioritized. The beginners course the trainer is always watching the athletes train to ensure utmost safety. Athletes in the beginning of their training at this gym will not be pushed past their limits in order to avoid possible injuries. Only when the athlete has basic knowledge of the sport will the pace of training increase. If you see athletes training quite intensely during practice, it is due to the athlete holding great knowledge regarding techniques and how to properly training to avoid injuries.

Is this sport suitable for women?
Of course it is, there is nothing stopping you from the sport except yourself.

Can I train all year round?
You can join the gym at any time. Take a look at the schedule and come train!